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Developer(s) Evan Norton, Contributors
Platforms Modern browsers, Windows, Mac, Linux
Tech Stack Typescript, Canvas2D, NodeJS, Express, SocketIO, MySQL, Sequelize, Heroku, AWS, VS Code, Tiled

RetroMMO is an online role-playing game in the early stages of development created by Evan Norton. It pairs the core game mechanics of classics such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy with the format of a modern MMO.

The game's development can be followed live at Twitch and early access release is available to play for free in browser. The update history can be found in the Changelog.


Linux: Download the .zip file from the game site and unzip it. Open terminal and navigate to the extracted folder. Run command chmod +x RetroMMO to make the file executable. After the file is executable, you can run it with command ./RetroMMO.