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This is a general guide for contributing to the wiki. Please read all the following sections to avoid confusion and unnecessary work. Contributions not following the guidelines will be removed. < and > are used to mark where to type the values, do not include them! The easiest way to contact admins and ask about things is the official Discord which can be found on the front page. The wiki uses MediaWiki and thus is completely compatible with its syntax. A list of wanted pages can be found here. Remember to read the rules as well.


  • Write useful summaries for your edits that give a good overview of what your edit does.
  • Preview your edits with the 'Preview' button before publishing them to more easily notice any errors.
  • When discussing in the wiki, leave a signature and timestamp using --~~~~ after your message and indent replies with colon (:)

Creating a New Page

Navigate to the URL-address of the page you wish to create and press "Create" on the right-hand side "Page" menu. Start the page with the title (same as page name) and encapsulate it in triple apostrophes ('). Page title can only be edited by moving the page. If you are going to use a template, add it as the first thing on the page. Otherwise the page will not render correctly. Category tag can be added before or after a template.

Moving a Page

There are many cases when a page might have to be moved. For example, a wrong title was used. When moving a page, a redirect can be left behind. For redirecting, follow the instructions on MediaWiki. The basic redirect can be achieved with #REDIRECT [[page name]]


To add a page to a category, a [[Category:Category_name]] tag is used. Usually categories do not need to be added manually since the templates have implemented them already. However, if a tag is used, add it to either top or bottom of the page. The list of categories a page belongs to can be viewed from the bottom right corner sidebar. Categories can be linked to using the following syntax, [[:Category:Category_name|text]]. Notice the colon at the beginning and no space around the pipe (|). Using this method does not add the page to the category used.


How to view uploaded files: Go to List Files.
How to add new files: Use Upload for an easy single image upload and Upload Wizard for more advanced use.


All templates are listed at templates. Templates are open to edits, but try to maintain a consistent style across the site.


  • File names should not include file endings (.png, .jpeg, etc.)
  • The order of the fields does not affect the template, but consistency is preferred
  • Notice the spaces on templates, otherwise it will not render properly!



  • Do not add categories, they are applied automatically based on the row values
  • Using multiple classes requires the use of double brackets around each class e.g. Wizard, Warrior
  • Include only a single value on the slot field!
  • Use dash (-) for negative effect, but do not use plus sign (+) for positive effect
 | image = <image name>
 | title = <item name>
 | description = <description>
 | level = <level required to use>
 | class = <class(es)>
 | cosmetic = <Yes or remove row>
 | consumable = <Yes/No>
 | slot = <Body/Head/Off-hand/Main-hand/Mask/Outfit>
 | hp = <Value or remove row>
 | mp = <Value or remove row>
 | agility = <Value or remove row>
 | defense = <Value or remove row>
 | intelligence = <Value or remove row>
 | luck = <Value or remove row>
 | strength = <Value or remove row>
 | wisdom = <Value or remove row>
 | tradable = <Yes/No>
 | sell = <Price for store>



  • Location images do not exist yet
 | image = <image>
 | title = <location name>



  • If there is a const, use the corresponding stat, e.g. cost = 3 [[MP]]
 | image = <image>
 | title = <ability name>
 | description = <description>
 | level = <level required to use>
 | class = <class(es)>
 | damageType = <Magic/Physical>
 | cost = <cost to cast/None>
 | canMiss = <Yes/No>


Tables use the regular MediaWiki table syntax. Tables also support sorting

Wiki Styling

Edit Common.css to change the visual appearance of the wiki on all the pages. Use the pre-existing style and add comments if necessary. Can only be edited by wiki admins.