RetroMMO Wiki:Rules

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  1. No self-promotion or advertising.
  2. No uploading files that are not related to RetroMMO
  3. No opinionated or suggestive style, be objective.
  4. No spreading misinformation.
  5. No including game data that cannot be gathered using the in-game tools.
  6. No abusing bugs.
  7. No impersonating RetroMMO staff.
  8. No harassing other contributors.
  9. No hate speech or derogatory language.
  10. No using alternate accounts to evade rule enforcement.
  11. All pages must be in English, including discussions and user pages.
  12. Follow the contribution guidelines to your best ability.
  13. You may not register an account for RetroMMO Wiki if you are under the age of 13.

Moderators handle rule enforcement on a case by case basis. Your account may be modified, suspended or terminated at the discretion of RetroMMO Wiki staff at any time, regardless of if rules were broken. When in doubt, ask first.