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Wizard (WZ)
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Wizard (WZ) is a powerful magic user with frail physical defenses. Wizard possesses the highest intelligence which makes them the strongest magic user. A wizard can survive alone for a long time as long as they hold enough potions to replenish quickly draining HP and MP. With teleport a wizard can move the entire party and replace teleport scrolls.


Ability Level
Attack.png Attack 1
Fireball.png Fireball 1
Firewall.png Firewall 4
Vitality.png Vitality 5
Teleport.png Teleport 7
Pass Ability.png Pass 1
Escape.png Escape 1


Item Level
Bone Bracelet.png Bone Bracelet 8
Crooked Wand.png Crooked Wand 6
Cypress Stick.png Cypress Stick 1
Jagged Crown.png Jagged Crown 8
Leather Cap.png Leather Cap 1
Mage Hat.png Mage Hat 6
Outfit.png Plain Clothes 1
Simple Bracelet.png Simple Bracelet 1
Tattered Cloak.png Tattered Cloak 2
Training Wand.png Training Wand 4