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Warrior (WR)
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Warrior (WR) is a heavily armored tank and a physical damage powerhouse. Warriors do not use MP either. Warrior replaced Paladin in update v0.81.0.


Ability Level
Attack.png Attack 1
Guard.png Guard 1
Pass Ability.png Pass 1
Escape.png Escape 1


Item Level
Cypress Stick.png Cypress Stick 1
Dented Helmet.png Dented Helm 6
Leather Armor.png Leather Armor 2
Leather Cap.png Leather Cap 1
Oaken Club.png Oaken Club 1
Outfit.png Plain Clothes 1
Studded Shield.png Studded Shield 6
Charged Pound.png The Tenderizer 8
Training Sword.png Training Sword 4
Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield 1