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RetroMMO has a variety of emotes which appear over the head of the player when used.

List of Emotes

Emote Tier
Angry Emote.png Angry Free
Annoyed Emote.png Annoyed Free
Arm Emote.png Arm Subscriber
Blank Emote.png Blank Free
Blush Emote.png Blush Free
Broken Emote.png Broken Subscriber
Brow Emote.png Brow Free
Cat Emote.png Cat Subscriber
Check Emote.png Check Free
Cheer Emote.png Cheer Subscriber
Coffee Emote.png Coffee Subscriber
Coin Emote.png Coin Subscriber
Confused Emote.png Confused Free
Crying Emote.png Crying Free
Derp Emote.png Derp Free
Dialogue Emote.png Dialogue Free
Dord Emote.png Dord Subscriber
Down Emote.png Down Subscriber
Duck Emote.png Duck Subscriber
Eggplant Emote.png Eggplant Subscriber
Equals Three Emote.png Equals Three Free
Exclamation Emote.png Exclamation Free
Eye Emote.png Eye Subscriber
Fire Emote.png Fire Subscriber
Frogon Emote.png Frogon Subscriber
Gasp Emote.png Gasp Free
Grin Emote.png Grin Free
Happy Emote.png Happy Free
Heart Emote.png Heart Subscriber
Hearts Emote.png Hearts Free
High Emote.png High Free
Idea Emote.png Idea Subscriber
Inception Emote.png Inception Subscriber
Laugh Emote.png Laugh Free
Left Emote.png Left Subscriber
Lips Emote.png Lips Subscriber
Monocle Emote.png Monocle Free
Music Emote.png Music Subscriber
Nerd Emote.png Nerd Free
Newgrounds Emote.png Newgrounds Subscriber
Pixel Emote.png Pixel Subscriber
Pizza Emote.png Pizza Subscriber
Point Left Emote.png Point Left Subscriber
Point Right Emote.png Point Right Subscriber
Poop Emote.png Poop Subscriber
Question Emote.png Question Free
Rainbow Emote.png Rainbow Subscriber
Right Emote.png Right Subscriber
Rock Emote.png Rock Subscriber
Sad Emote.png Sad Free
Sleeping Emote.png Sleeping Free
Smirk Emote.png Smirk Free
Snoot Emote.png Snoot Subscriber
Soul Crushed Emote.png Soul Crushed Free
Sunglasses Emote.png Sunglasses Free
Surprised Emote.png Surprised Free
Sweat Emote.png Sweat Free
Tongue Emote.png Tongue Free
Torn Emote.png Torn Subscriber
Up Emote.png Up Subscriber
Wide 1 Emote.png Wide 1 Subscriber
Wide 2 Emote.png Wide 2 Subscriber
Wide 3 Emote.png Wide 3 Subscriber
Wink Emote.png Wink Free
X Emote.png X Free