Tom Ormer

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Tom Ormer

Tom Ormer is a snail NPC who makes an appearance in each seasonal event with a unique location and a unique riddle. His name is an anagram of RetroMMO.


Birthday 2021

Riddle: "Loyal and solid, deaf and mute. Round and plain, yet the most valuable piece of loot."

Solution: Pet Rock

Halloween 2021

Riddle: "Knowing the obstacle is you all the while, considering this catalyst rewards with a smile."

Solution: Covalence

Thanksgiving 2021

Riddle: "When to add? Many are sad. A girl in a fountain. A miner in a quarry. A wizard in a mountain. A mission with a story."

Solution: Quests

Christmas 2021

Riddle: "Striped colors of red or blue on a sweet delight for me and you. Its shape will usually hook too."

Solution: Candy Cane

Valentine's Day 2022

Riddle: "If made of stone, it is cold. The most desirable is forged with gold."

Solution: Heart

April Fools 2022

Riddle: "5A47566C656942756458527A"

Solution: deez nuts