Birthday 2021

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The Birthday 2021 event is an event that ran from August 14th until September 1st, celebrating the 1-year anniversary of the release of RetroMMO. It introduced a new birthday-themed section of Goblin Cave with new monsters, items and many new NPCs.

During the event, Big Gobble's sprite was changed to wear a party hat.




Mask.png Birthday Hat 1
Mask.png Birthday Hat 2
Mask.png Birthday Hat 3
Chocolate Cake.png Chocolate Cake
Mask.png Sunglasses (L)
Vanilla Cake.png Vanilla Cake


Al.png Al
Alan.png Allen
Blake.png Blake
Chuck.png Chuck
Cierra.png Cierra
Dezzi.png Dezzi
Evan.png Evan
Gilb.png Gilb
Golb.png Golb
Issa.png Issa
Katie.png Katie
Luis.png Luis
Mehdi.png Mehdi
Mila.png Mila
Salo.png Salo
Sruld.png Sruld
TomOrmer.png Tom Ormer
Uinqa.png Uinqa
Zach.png Zach