Big Gobble

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Big Gobble
Big Gobble.png
Max HP 550
Gold 148
Experience 262

Big Gobble is a boss on the second floor of Goblin Cave in the Eastern Overworld. After defeating Big Gobble, the party spawns at the entrance of the Cave. It is suggested to not fight this boss before level 10 even with a full party.


Attack.png Attack
Charged Pound.png Charged Pound
Wide Sweep.png Wide Sweep


Agility Boost.png Agility Boost
Bone Bracelet.png Bone Bracelet
Defense Boost.png Defense Boost
Intelligence Boost.png Intelligence Boost
Jagged Crown.png Jagged Crown
Luck Boost.png Luck Boost
Strength Boost.png Strength Boost
Charged Pound.png The Tenderizer
Wisdom Boost.png Wisdom Boost

Group Strategies

The Big Gobble can be killed in a group of 2 players, while 3 is the recommended party size. If you are going with a party of 2 players, having a cleric is a must in order to survive. Otherwise in a group of 3 players it is not as necessary to bring a cleric along with you as long as you have enough health and mana potions depending on your classes.

Solo Strategies

Currently, using a Cleric on the Big Gobble is the most successful way of soloing the boss. Due to the Warrior class not being able to sustain health with potions as they suffer from them being less effective and the Wizard class not having high health leading it to be more likely to die from the high damage output from spells such as Charged Pound.