Thlurp-Pin Public Doubles Tournament

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August 28th 2021

Winner: failedartist/yrotSevaC (WR/WZ)
Runner Up: fruloo/thlurp (CL/WZ)
Third Place: Blossom/Evan (CL/WZ)

A public doubles tournament organized by thlurp, BigBluePin and Evan. Only parties of 2 were able to participate, with the restriction that the 2 competitors in each team must be playing different classes. This tournament was open, meaning that anyone was able to participate as long as they showed up on the day with the entry fee of 12,000g per team. All items were allowed and to win a match, two out of three rounds must be won. The structure of the tournament was a typical round robin bracket. The runner up was to receive 12,000g and the winner to receive the remainder of the pool but on the day of the tournament, ssjohn4 donated 180,000g into the prize pool, meaning that the winning team would receive an additional 100,000g, runner up would receive an additional 50,000g and third place would receive 30,000g. The bracket and winning teams are available on